Des Carty Music School

The Des Carty Music School, based in RUA RED Arts Centre in Tallaght, Dublin 24, offers classes on guitar, keyboards, fiddle, banjo, voice, bass, mandolin, drums and tin whistle to music students aged 6-year and upwards. We cater to beginner, intermediate and advanced students in group and private classes. Our enrolments take place in September, January and April.

The school was originally set up as a traditional music school, focusing on the song and dance music culture of Ireland. In that tradition tunes are passed down aurally, with less emphasis on written music. The school combined the traditional musician-to-musician approach with written exercises to retain the non-academic dissemination practices of the tradition, while employing simple music transcription to aid newcomers to the tradition.

Over the years the school has expanded to include many genres and more popular instruments, but the focus and philosophy of the school remains – music for music’s sake. If students wish to pursue more academic paths in their musical study our professional team of tutors can guide them in that pursuit, while for those wishing to make music a part of their life a more informal course can be designed.

The Des Carty Music School’s team of instructors is a professional, passionate group of musicians chosen for their desire to make music more accessible to everyone who has ever wanted to play.

Our committed team of tutors value the enjoyment a student derives from music making as highly as that student’s technical development. Students can prepare for grade exams or increase their musical knowledge for their enjoyment.

The Des Carty Music School believes in the spiritual and community benefits in music-making and has always placed these at the heart of its activity. We emphasise the importance of live performance and encourage new musicians to participate in social musical gatherings. Our classes cater for all ages and abilities, and as individual students progress the courses develop to cater for this change. Aware that strict module-like structures, often set up initially to facilitate people, can ultimately stifle creativity we welcome students’ input to help provide an enjoyable learning
environment in which all musicians - teachers and students - are rewarded.



Des Carty was one of South County Dublin most important musicians and teachers. He was born in Tallaght and over the course of his long life made a major contribution to the traditional music scene in the area and outlying districts. He spent most of his life teaching fiddle, tin-whistle, banjo and mandolin. His dedication and efficacy as a teacher is still to be witnessed in the number of people playing and teaching music in the area to this day. The Des Carty Music School set up in his honour in 1997 continues his work in introducing students to the lifelong enjoyment and fulfillment that music can bring.