Suburban Sounds is an evening-course in music which is open to young people (aged 14 - 18yrs) with a passion for song writing, music composition and/or music performance.

It is developed and managed by Alternative Entertainments in association with South Dublin County Arts Office and CONTACT Studio and runs annually from October to April. The participants work with professional musicians, host their own gigs, record a CD at the close of the programme, and take part in a variety of performances in the County throughout the course. Course sessions take place every Wednesday evening & participants are chosen on the basis of application.

The course commences on Tuesday 31st October 2017, and runs from 11 - 4 during the mid term break. Evening classes start the following week on Wednesday 8th November from 6pm - 9pm, and continue each Wednesday until December 13th, and then from January until April 2017. The fee for the course is 300 euro, with 50 euro payable on the first day of the course, with the remainder due by the last day. Payments can be made in one lump sum or in installments during that time.

The Course Explores The Following Areas:

• Songwriting
• Crafting an idea into a song lyric.
• Song structure and form
• Song arrangements
• Music Production/Post Production
• Sequencing a song arrangement
• Studio Recording Techniques
• Studio Performance Techniques
• Post Production Processes i.e. Mixing, E.Q., Compression, FX.
• Composing Music for Film and Other Media
• Live Sound Performance techniques
• Music Tuition
• Instrumental and Vocal Workshops
• Basic notation and score
• Singing Techniques
• Study and Career Paths in Music and Related Fields

Participants work on individual and group projects over the six-month period and, along with recording their work in the studio, they take part in an end of year performance in The Grand Social. The main body of the course will be delivered by a team of ‘mentors’ made up of experienced musicians and music industry professionals. Various supplementary talks and workshops will be given by industry-professionals in some of the areas listed above. 

Each participant will finish the series having created, recorded and performed new work. They will also be offered the opportunity to have this work featured and promoted on the partners websites: 

Alternative Entertainments -
South Dublin County Council - - a creative, interactive space for young people in South Dublin
Music Generation South Dublin –

Suburban Sounds Application Form - Click Here

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Key Suburban Sounds Personnel:

Martin Moran - SubSounds Project Manager  

Elton Mullally – Popular Music Consultant, Suburban Sounds Coordinator

Elton is a composer, musician, film producer, record producer and television presenter. He was enlisted as mentor for The South Dublin Rock School in 2005 and soon became, with Martin Moran, one the project’s managers. The rock school began collaborating with South Dublin County Council’s arts office in 2009 and became Suburban Sounds.

Elton has continued his work developing and delivering course content, providing guidance to participants on song writing, arranging, recording, performance and video production. He also contribute to the AltEnts Children’s Arts Festival each year with son and video workshops.

Gerry Horan – Suburban Sounds Coordinator

Gerry runs CONTACT Studio, a South Dublin County Council arts initiative, which is based in RUA RED Arts Centre in Tallaght. Gerry joined the Suburban Sounds team in 2009 and has been part of the project’s development since. He is an accomplished musician, composer and sound engineer.

End-of-Course Concert: 
Saturday April 8th, 1.30pm, The Grand Social, Dublin 1.

The participants of SubSounds 2016/17 will perform their own compositions in The Grand Social on Saturday April 8th 2017. Playing on the day will be Dean Hollywood, Mufaro Gambe, OG Odigie, Jordan McKeon, Jack Harris, Shauna O'Keeffe, Josh Tuite, Megan McGarry, Fionn Fealey, Taylor Odigie, Jason Casey O'Reilly, Rachel Greene and Brandon Jones. Doors are at 1.00pm. Show begins at 1.30pm. Free admission.